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In 2014 Claim Post Resources Inc., a publicly held Canadian company, began the process of developing a silica sand operation on Provincial Crown Land in the area between the communities of Hollow Water, Manigotagan, and Seymourville in the province of Manitoba.

In 2015, efforts paused as the board restructured the company, brought in expert management personnel and work began again mid-2018. Conversations restarted with the surrounding communities and the collaboration created a new updated, detailed plan for the project. More than 60 community engagement meetings occurred from July to December in 2018.

On November 15, 2018, Claim Post Resources Inc. officially changed its name to Canadian Premium Sand Inc. and renamed the project, Wanipigow Sand.

On May 16, 2019 the Manitoba government approved the environmental licence necessary for the development of CPS’ Wanipigow Silica Sand Extraction Project. The approval of an environmental licence followed a rigorous environmental assessment process that focused on the mitigation of potential impacts the Wanipigow Sand Project might have on the local environment and communities. The licence issued under The Environment Act contains specific conditions to address public concerns.

Manitoba also completed a Crown-Indigenous consultation process as part of the overall Wanipigow Sand Project environmental licence review process. That consultation process provided local Indigenous communities with an additional opportunity to become engaged and informed about the Wanipigow Sand Project, and share any comments, concerns and recommendations to protect Indigenous rights and environmental interests.

As a significant portion of the site area falls within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Incorporated Community of Seymourville, CPS made a conditional use application to the Incorporated Community of Seymourville in order to be able to use lands within the jurisdiction of Seymourville for a silica sand extraction operation. CPS is pleased to report that the Incorporated Community of Seymourville granted approval of its conditional use application on May 9, 2019, permitting a silica sand extraction operation, including accessory uses, buildings and structures.

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